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Curriculum Vitae

Luba Lucanska, M.S.
Graduated and Freelance Translator

I translate personal documents, scientific articles, project proposals and many more documents. I deliver to clients finalised texts verified by special professional consultants. I submit translated documents with a high level of quality, as a result of my professional education in translation. I have 21 years practice as a translator. I am highly experienced in the area of proof-reading and correction work, regarding various texts in Slovak language.

Experience: 21 years
Mother tongue: Slovak(ian) language
Foreign languages: German, Croatian, Serbian, Czech
Spelling activities: Translations, proof-reading, editing
Qualification: Graduated Translator
Education: Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1986-1991
Language combination: German - Serbo-Croatian
Specialisation Translator-Interpretor: (1991)
Study stay for scholars in the field of Slavonic languages at Zagreb, Croatia (1991)
Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung at the Goethe Institute in Nordestedt, Germany (1992)
Translations: General texts
Professional Texts:
Tourism, Pharmacy, Scripts, Text-books, Economics, Justice, History, Religious, Literary works and Political Texts
Other services: Proof-reading, revision, reviewing, editing


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